Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that most people looking to sell their house fast have questions about our fast-buying process. That’s why we’ve provided answers to the most common questions about selling your house to us below. If you still can’t find the answer that you’re looking for, feel free to call Jarrod directly at: 512-818-1650.

Q:  Will you charge me any fees when I sell my home to your company?
A: No. This is one of the main differences and advantages of selling your home directly to professional property buyers, versus selling your home through a traditional real estate firm.

Q:  Do you always make fair offers for houses?
A:  Yes. If a house is not in need of extensive repairs we can make offers that are near full retail, but if the home has a lot of differed repairs we would need to receive a fair discount.  This allows us to fix up the property at our own expense and resell the property to new owners, while making a modest profit. We work with people in all kinds of situations who see the value in selling their property fast without commissions or costly repairs.


Q:  How do you calculate cash offers for properties?
A:  Our fast house buying process is not complicated. We analyze the most recent comparable home sales in the area where your property is located to get an estimate of its current value. Then we make adjustments to the price we can offer on your property based on its condition and any needed repairs. This is the best way to come up with a fair price to offer for your property, since home values constantly fluctuate based on local real estate market conditions.


Q:  What Happens After I Send You My Property Information?
A: We’ll review the information you provided and may contact you by phone to get additional details about your situation and the property that you want to sell. Then, after considering all of the specifics of your home, we’ll usually be able to come up with a fair all-cash offer on your property that’s a win-win for both of us. And once you have an offer from our company, there’s no obligation whatsoever for you to accept it. We promise that the decision of whether or not to sell your home will always be totally left up to you. If you do decide to sell your home to us, the process will go fast and you even get to pick a closing date that fits your schedule!