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Our first investment property was purchased in 1992.  A sub-1,000 square foot HUD-repo condo in Orlando, Florida. It needed a complete interior rehab - or so we thought. After completing the project, we quickly learned about electrolysis in poorly grounded copper pipes, when the master bedroom flooded. After the walls and roof had to be torn out to replace the plumbing, we were forced to complete the rehab a second time.

Our latest projects involve a termite infested probate home on a grandfathered septic system and a 15 acre parcel of vacant land with a statutory "squatter" who was trying to use the court system to actually steal it.

Real Estate isn't always fun and seldom goes the way you plan.

Every transaction provides a learning opportunity.

Like the Farmer's Insurance tag line: We know a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two.

U.S. Army veteran

I seek to glorify God through my work. I am a real estate entrepreneur, who uses inspiration and knowledge to create opportunity. I honor those I'm blessed to serve, value people above possessions, and provide shelter to strengthen individuals and families.

Meet Jarrod Weaver

We are a family-owned Real Estate investment company that purchases properties which are currently not realizing their full potential. We use our experience to bring every parcel to its' highest use to create value that didn't formerly exist.

We have many highly satisfied customers who were glad to have the burden of property ownership lifted while realizing their former property was in good hands. Many of these customers had plans for their property when they initially purchased or inherited it, but often these plans change.

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